Introducing the Paint Behind

Hi, I’m Susie and I’m the inventor of Paint Behind. If you’ve heard of it, you know it’s a revolutionary tool that makes painting simpler. If you haven’t heard of it, well, it’s a revolutionary tool … you get the idea

Paint Behind is a valuable sidekick for anyone who paints. It gets into those hard-to-reach areas, making it easier to add color behind furniture and appliances that are difficult to move. Think toilets, radiators, cabinets and more. I noticed the need for a painting tool like this while working in interior design, and since I couldn’t find one anywhere — I created my own! You’ll love the way it streamlines and enhances every painting project to give it that complete look. And the best part is they’re available now. Get your own and you’ll never look at a painting project quite the same.

(watch our video below)

I’m so excited to start this journey into the blogosphere with you — there’s so much to talk about. In addition to sharing the latest news on Paint Behind, I’d also like you to get to know me: What’s trending in my world. How I spend my free time. What color I’m painting my bathroom. You know, the usual stuff.

Plus, I’m excited to share real-world stories of how I’ve used Paint Behind in both my interior design business — and my personal painting pursuits. (It really is a game-changer!) In addition, I’ll be sharing all sorts of great home décor ideas, and trends in painting and design. I’m a Twin Cities-based interior designer who loves the thrill of helping clients achieve their vision — and I can’t wait for you to achieve yours, too, with Paint Behind. Learn more about me here, and come back again for more design news and tips. Next time, we’ll be talking about the Top 8 Design Gadgets of 2016. Hope you can make it.

Until next time … Susie